Welcome to Our Homepage!

We thank you for this spiritually inspired visit to our internet site. God has a way of directing those he loves, and we are a spirit filled, loving congregation.

Join us for Sunday School right after breakfast just before morning worship.

Classes for all ages. Sunday school gently inspires us to grow spiritually as we learn more about the love that Jesus Christ has for each one of us.

Sunday morning worship starts at 10:45 AM.

We are located at 3605 South Hopkins Avenue, in the beautiful city of Titusville, Florida, and in obedience to God, we have an established Church Covenant. The Covenant states that, "We are led by the Holy Spirit, as we believe, to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior."

In keeping with the Covenant, we are actively and spiritually engaged in ministries in concert to the great commission established long ago by our Father.

I would like to thank you for viewing this site, and trust that God will lead you to visit us at your earliest opportunity.


Thank you for the Support of this Ministry.

Sunday School Teacher’s Mtg. 

Tuesday                                                        5:30 pm

Usher Board Mtg Saturday           10:00 am

Youth Choir-Thursday                       5:00 pm

Prayer Meeting Tuesday                    6:30 pm

Bible Study Tuesday                     7: 00 Youth Enrichment Program TBA

Adult Choir Rehearsal Thursday         7:00 Deacon Board Meeting Saturday (Before Communion Sunday)

Women’s Fellowship Mtg. 

4th Saturday                                         12:00 pm

Casual Dress Sunday                     4th Sunday

Morning Worship                                  10:45 AM

Joint Board Meeting                           7:00 pm

(Thursday before Conference)

Church Conference Quarterly:     7:00 pm

Brotherhood TBA